What’s New In Luvvies – 11/16/18

Things have been super crazy around here lately. In addition to working overtime at my regular job and some fun activities away from the house, I was laid up for about a week with a massive migraine, which really put a damper on my order fulfillment and preparations for the December Steel City Con. My migraine hasn’t fully left, but I have been trying to push through as much as I can.

I get so much joy from crochet, but sometimes I do wonder why I decided to make this into a business. I’m an accountant, but I don’t always have the best business acumen. I’m trying to learn, but sometimes I get swept away and caught in the stress of the business and not the relaxation and joy I get from the craft. I am working to make this a more equitable split.

Once the worst of my migraine (finally!) left, I was able to get caught up on a couple of rush orders….two of which were new patterns/designs and two that were tried and true.

This cutie absolutely stole my heart. I think I have to add her to my Etsy store. I adore her little boingy curls and boingy tail. She was just the most squeezable thing ever. I was making her for a friend’s niece’s birthday. If I wouldn’t have been so close to the deadline I would have kept this for myself and have made a second. I was a good girl, though. I struggle with letting some of the Luvvies go (and I wonder where Desi gets it), but I let her go to her new home. I hope her new family adores her as much as I do.

The pattern (by BunniesandYarn on Etsy) was one of my favorite unicorn patterns to work up. I still am learning the best way to attach limbs and other pieces to make sure that everything looks as nice and even as possible. Some attempts work better than others, and I was overall really pleased with how she turned out.

Ironically, I was snuggling (and hiding behind, if we are completely honest) this sweet girl while my husband and I watched the new movie version of “It.” I have a massive fear of clowns, so the fact that I had something to hold on made things so much better.

The next time sensitive piece I had to complete was a Mister Potato Head (circa “Toy Story”) to make for my cousin as a baby shower gift. I was so nervous to make this because (1) I knew it was for a baby; (2) we know I have issues with making amigurumi that take on icon shapes, and there are few things that are as iconic as Mister Potato Head; and (3) making things for family makes me irrationally nervous – I can’t explain it.

There are things I learned about the pattern that I would change the next time I make it, but over all I was super happy with how it turned out. Desi really enjoyed him, too. In the one picture above, she wanted to do a silly pic and wanted to take a bite from Mister Potato Head – because he’s a potato, Mummy (was her logic).

And it is difficult to argue with that.

Baby showers were the theme of the most recent batch of Luvvies. I made this Captain America snuggler (pattern by AdventuresinYarnia on Etsy) for a customer who wanted this for her nephew’s birthday. I have made this at least four times previously, but this time I just really struggled with it. The stitches didn’t want to line up correctly – the embroidery didn’t look as clean as I wanted. I was really depressed making it.

When he was all done, my husband (who I do think is biased) said he thought this was my best one yet. I’m still not convinced.

My father, who lives to torture me, saw the one picture and said “Cap is in a dress!!! Poor Cap. Poor, poor Cap!” No matter what I said he wasn’t buying that wasn’t a dress.

Finishing Cap was bittersweet. I had him 85% finished early in the week and was just finishing up when I heard the news of Stan Lee’s passing. For a fangirl, even though his passing at 95 wasn’t completely unexpected, it hit me hard. Add to that making this snuggler of one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes for the next generation, who won’t directly know Stan’s work, really hit me hard.


This little cutie was finished before Stan’s passing. I love making these little Groots. They work up quickly and they look pretty consistent each time. Plus I like playing with them at various stages in creation and going “I am Groot, I am Groot, I AM GROOT!” Yes, I play with the toys that I make.

That was actually something I was talking to my coworkers about the other day. We were discussing talking to yourself and when you should worry about that. I said no one wants to be at my house about 12 at night while I am working because you will definitely hear a dialogue between me and the Luvvies. It usually goes along the lines of “come on sweetie, you can do this.” Or the other is “aren’t you just the cutest little thing?” Hey, if I didn’t have fun with it, I wouldn’t be doing it.


With this batch of cuties out the door, I have been focusing on non-rush orders. I am working on a duo of Shaun the Sheep for a customer, but for some reason the pattern – which I have made before – just doesn’t want to cooperate; add to that personal commitments and I am totally stressed. I am hoping to get the Shauns done this weekend and off to their forever homes.

Then I can work on a combination of offline Christmas orders and projects for the upcoming convention.

I just purchased a whole slew of new patterns from Etsy and am looking forward to trying these out. For Steel City Con I think I will pick like two or three major designs and focus on variants of those – then, after the Christmas rush I will work on newer designs for Awesome Con to have a wider variety.

As always hugs and cuddles,


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