One of the things that draws me to stuffed animals, and to amigurumi, is that you have this object that you can give its own personality to, and can have someone give you all the cuddles you can want. I don’t care what people say, you are never too old for stuffed animals. That’s what makes me so passionate about Lil’ Luvvies. I can create these adorable stuffed animals and know they are going to go to a home where they will be named and loved and made to be part of the family. How cool is that?

I love that I am able to offer my Luvvies for sale to everyone. If you are interested in purchasing a new best friend, please visit my Etsy store and check out the designs available there.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please use the custom form to contact me and we can talk about what your friend should look like.

All Luvvies come with no additional cost for shipping in the United States. Please use the custom form if this is an order outside of the US and we can calculate the correct shipping.

I’m so excited to create something for you or your loved ones – or both!

Not seeing the Luvvie you wish for on Etsy? Contact Me and let’s see what we can do.

Pricing: Pricing will vary depending upon the project. If it is a pattern I already have, or if it is one that I need to purchase, there may be a different price structure to account for my costs. On average, small pieces will be $10 and large pieces will be $15 (plus shipping and handling).

Customization: If you contact our shop and say “I want a dog Luvvie.” My first question is going to be what kind? For this, we will work together to see different patterns to determine what your Luvvie should look like. If we find a pattern that works, but the coloring is off, we can work together to customize the colors to make your perfect friend. I am experimenting with adding accessories (e.g., hats and scarves) to Luvvies, so this also may be an option as we begin talking about your Luvvie. If I feel something you have requested is outside of my abilities, I will let you know before any payment is ever sent. Because of the collaboration that will go into each design, once you approve the creation, and payment is made, all sales are final.

Payments: The payment for a custom order will be due through Etsy. Once we agree on a design, I will create a custom link for you on my Etsy site and email you that information so the payment goes through Etsy, providing a wider array of payment types to be accepted.

Shipping: Shipping is free in the United States – outside of the US, we can discuss what the current shipping rates are for your destination.

Happiness: In the end, I want you to have a new friend who will be available for many hugs and love to come.