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What’s New In Luvvies – 11/16/18

Things have been super crazy around here lately. In addition to working overtime at my regular job and some fun activities away from the house, I was laid up for about a week with a massive migraine, which really put a damper on my order fulfillment and preparations for the December Steel City Con. My migraine hasn’t fully left, but I have been trying to push through as much as I can.

I get so much joy from crochet, but sometimes I do wonder why I decided to make this into a business. I’m an accountant, but I don’t always have the best business acumen. I’m trying to learn, but sometimes I get swept away and caught in the stress of the business and not the relaxation and joy I get from the craft. I am working to make this a more equitable split.

Once the worst of my migraine (finally!) left, I was able to get caught up on a couple of rush orders….two of which were new patterns/designs and two that were tried and true.

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Avengers, Assemble!

So this weekend was a big one for the nerd community – Avengers: Infinity War debuted, and of course I had to be there…dragging my family along with me.

One of the things that I thought about in leaving the movie theater was that for all the Luvvies I have made, and all the patterns I have tried, I have never made anything Marvel – that was just a travesty. So, off to Etsy I went to see what awesome patterns I could find.

If you are like me and have slight OCD when it comes to finding patterns, books, yarn, whatever makes you happy – then places like Etsy are the best/worst possible places. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. I go there for one thing and end up with 15 more things that I had no intention of buying and may never use, but they looked cool.

So by the time I check out, I kind of look like the poor boy from “Matilda” who ate all the chocolate cake.

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