Under Pressure


As I mentioned recently, I just returned home from Rhode Island Comic Con. I learned so much from the convention, had great times with friends, and helped some luvvies find their new mommies and daddies. However, on the flip side (the business side) things didn’t work out exactly as I had hoped, as I didn’t even make back the fee for my table, let alone for the hotel and gas money to travel there. While I try to chalk the loss up to experience and getting the business out there to people who might never have found me, the accountant in me is stressing. Why did I do this again? Why did I agree to take on a business? Why didn’t I just keep this as a fun hobby?If my mother were still with me, I know that she would say that nothing worth having ever comes easily and that these things take time. What she might forget is, I am not a patient person and I always want things to go from zero to 100 as soon as I am ready for them.

But, on top of all that, I looked at my calendar today and I realize in a little less than a month, I will be attending Steel City Comic Con again as a vendor. I did not have a good showing there the last time I went. If I thought Rhode Island was bad, Steel City was twice as bad. Now, it was my first show, and I have learned many things since then, but my concerns are legitimate. Adding to those concerns is an insanely low amount of stock.

When I attended Steel City Con in August of this year, I had three to four months to prepare for the showing, so I could reasonably manage orders and prepping new pieces for the show. This time, I do not have the luxury of time.

I have a few pieces that I brought home with me from RICC, but I don’t have enough to fill out a table. And, if sales would happen to be good, I don’t have enough to make it through even one day. Now, I have time. I can still make products and focus on smaller items so that the table looks fuller, but the smaller items, obviously, don’t have the same profit margin – so I have the possibility of selling more units, but still not selling enough. I can take orders at the show, but I would not be able to fully commit to having those orders completed for Christmas, which is what I am sure people would want.

So, coming home from Rhode Island with the mother of all migraines and then realizing that I have this looming deadline has me seriously scratching my head wondering what the hell was I thinking? Why would I book two conventions less than a month apart (unless I thought I’d be able to make more for Rhode Island and have carryover for Steel City)? The more important question is how am I going to get all of this done in the time that I have?

Is it possible to get 20 items made between now and then – and keep up with commissions? I don’t really want to put the Etsy shop on vacation during this time, but I don’t want to be so overwhelmed that I make myself sick.

As is it, each night my migraine recedes a little, I find myself pushing to stay up later to work. Hopes for a 10 pm bedtime, extend to 10:30, then to 11, and then to midnight – a tough schedule to maintain when I have to get up by 5:30 to go to my primary job. I’m trying to factor in if I can start bringing some materials to work with me so that in the morning and at lunch I can get a little work done when I have a spare minute, if I have a spare minute.

I know that everything will work out and that I most likely am panicking for no reason, but I hate to make commitments and then not to fulfill them. I also don’t want to go into the event thinking August was terrible so this will be, too, so I don’t need to have products available. The only thing I am thankful for is that after this convention, my next one is not until the end of April, so I have time to prepare for that. I actually think for my schedule in 2019 everything is more evenly disbursed and I don’t have any this close together again. And, hopefully, as I get more experience in crochet, I can start working quicker and will be able to maintain the quality I expect of myself, but will also be able to increase the quantity I can produce.

So, if you don’t hear from me a lot in the next 28 days, you will know what I am doing.

Hugs and cuddles,


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