The Old College Try

I think I have mentioned before that in 2013 I took the leap into small business ownership and started an essential oil company. I made many different types of body oils and hand sanitizers using essential oils. I sunk a good amount of money into advertising and having a shop on Etsy – plus buying the raw materials to make the items. After about 18 months, I realized this was just not going to work and I closed up shop, vowing to never to anything like that again.

Because I never learn my lesson, when I decided to start Lil’ Luvvies – which I justify as a completely different product and something that I am definitely more passionate about than I was the essential oil products – I swore I would not do any advertising. I would not sell on Etsy. I would have this site and if I got orders, awesome, if not, it wasn’t meant to be.

Somewhere along the way, my thought process changed. I started to care more and more about getting the word out about my Luvvies. Some of that stemmed from the most recent Salute to Supernatural convention I attended; because I realized that yes some individuals have service dogs or emotional support animals – but others use their stuffed animals as their emotional support, and what a beautiful thing to be a part of to know that you created something that meant so much to you (or me, in this case), and to know how much comfort and joy it affords to someone else.

I came back from the convention re-engerized, but it left me with a conundrum. I have a social media presence – I blast people more times than they care to see with pictures on Instagram; I have a Facebook page for the business, but I’m not exactly sure the best way to engage and use that feature. However, I know if I am looking for something handmade, or something unique there is only one place that I start, and it’s usually not Amazon (that’s my second choice, lol). For unique, handcrafted items, I do start with Etsy.

Even though I’m a little gun shy with it, this week I took the leap and I re-opened my Etsy store and re-branded it as LilLuvviesAmigurumi.

I figure, since I’m new to the amigurumi world, perhaps buyers would be more leery to purchase from my Web site because there is no history behind me. They don’t know if I am reliable or not. However, with a known platform to display my wares on, people may be more willing to take the leap.

I haven’t put a ton of offerings online – right now, there only are 10 Luvvies available for sale. We’ll see how things go and if this spreads the word and love about my site. I’m not marketing on Etsy itself right now, I want to see how things go. I am hoping that things take off and I can share my love of stuffed animals with others, who will get just as much love, comfort, and joy out of the Luvvies as what I get from making them.

Hugs and cuddles,


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