I’m Still Standing…Sort Of

Hello my dear friends! I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write a thoughtful post to share with you. I’m still here, still plugging along.

In some senses a lot has been happening, and in others not a lot has been happening: It all comes down to a manner of perspective, I guess.


Custom Harley Quinn Comfy Luvvie I made for one of my besties.

I’m involved with a few major projects at my primary job as an accountant/business analyst, which has been keeping me busier than I was expecting to be, which cut down the amount of time I’ve had for lunch and other moments to work on communicating and planning Luvvies (darn adult responsibilities!). Because of how busy I’ve been during the day, when I get home at night, I find time to be even tighter – especially now my husband and daughter are out of school for the summer.

In the time I do have, I find myself trying to find the best way to build the business end of Luvvies, while also making the Luvvies themselves – after all, there’s nothing to sell if there is no product. It’s been a fine line of a balancing act; and, I often wonder if I am stretching myself in too many directions at once. I have this blog, I now have the Etsy store, I have Instagram (which I love playing on, and spend far too much time), I have a Facebook page (which I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it)…and on top of that, I have Steel City Con in a little over a month for which I practically have no inventory. So I’m still standing, but definitely teetering on the brink of having bitten off a little much.

One of my concerns when I decided to launch this site – and then the Etsy store – was that once Luvvies became more of a “job,” I wouldn’t enjoy creating them as much. I am happy to say that is sooooooooooooooooooooo not the case. I have such a delightful time making the little ones and seeing what their little personalities are going to be, and just playing with yarn. Because of Instagram, I’m playing with the plushies a little more and letting their personalities truly shine through.

I had a blast with my little gingerbread girl. She made some coffee, she got placed on a baking tray. Whatever I thought was fun and captured the whimsical nature of the doll.

I also had too much fun playing with baby Deadpool.


I think my husband thought I lost my mind when I ran into our kitchen at 11 at night and blurted, where’s the taco shells? But taking the photos and just playing with the amigurumi was so much fun.

Is there more stress involved now than before when it was all for fun? Yes. There are deadlines to meet, requirements to uphold. And there are some nights that I just get so tired from everything and what I know that I need to do that I say forget it, and go to bed – and then there is guilt that I didn’t finish what I wanted to finish.

But, that stress and worry doesn’t overshadow the fact that I am having the best time. Of course my daughter and I have the constant struggle that she wants to keep everything I make, or have me make her one, and I’m more of the “you have enough to fill your own toy store” school.

While I haven’t been here as much as I’d like, I have been keeping busy creating. I just finished two new comfy luvvies: The elephant was a custom design for one of my best friends; and the sunshine day one is for the convention.

The funny thing is, the sunshine day one used techniques and a pattern I was familiar with and was able to fly through – and I think it is cute, but something about the pattern didn’t work quite right for my aesthetic. However, the elephant luvvie used techniques and a blankie pattern that I had never used before and that I was sure I was going to mess up, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

I’m hoping as the summer progresses that I will be able to chat more with you. Especially as the convention comes around I’m sure there will be more posts – probably a lot of me freaking out about the timeline and needing your love and support.

I can’t thank y’all enough for sharing on this journey with me, it has been an awesome ride so far and I can’t wait to see what is coming around the bend.

Hugs and cuddles,


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