Hats Off!

When I first returned to crochet last year, I wanted to keep to small projects that were easy to complete and that I could do in one sitting. This was before I really knew amigurumi was a thing.

I sincerely believe that my earlier attempts at crochet failed to keep my interest because they were too major to keep my attention. Even now I joke that I have crochet ADD because I jump from project to project and sometimes don’t finish what’s on my hook.

What I found was that hats were the best thing for me to make starting out. Once I learned the basic stitches and got comfortable with the repetition of the patterns – how to work and increase in the round – I learned that most hats I could complete in about 30 minutes, which was perfect for my attention span.

However, how many hats can one person have for themselves – even for their family?


And because I use crochet as a form of anxiety control/therapy, I was whipping out hats left and right. For Christmas last year, I brought in four bags of hats and scarves for my co-workers and let them pick what they wanted for themselves or to give as Christmas gifts. I gave another five bags in donations to a local homeless shelter.


I played with a lot of hat designs. Different patterns, different yarn (because I love to play with yarn), different sizes, different colors. And I still play with hats now and then, which is how one of my moose ended up with a beanie.


I experimented with some novelty hats – like this cupcake hat, which actually looked better in person than I was able to photograph (I’m still not a master of the selfie).


Tried some super kitchy hats – this was a prototype, and I think I learned from my mistakes that the next one would be absolutely fabulous.


I made them for the whole family until they were sick of seeing hats because they knew they would have to wear them.

I still go back to hats when I want something quick and easy that I know will turn out consistent.


In a short span of time, I probably made well over 200 hats: It was how I learned my stitches and used trial and error to see what worked best for me…especially with weaving in the ends.

I still enjoy making hats – because it still involves using a hook and playing with yarn, but amigurumi is so much more satisfying to me. Hats are awesome: They are functional and they serve a fantastic purpose; but, you can’t cuddle with a hat. You can’t give a hat a kiss and a hug. You can’t make someone smile the same way with a hat that they will with a stuffed animal. I think that is the reason I’ve backed off haberdashery and am sticking with Luvvies. But, it is good to know that I can do both and can make hats and scarves and mittens when needed…now, let’s find a good Luvvie and get some cuddles in.

Hugs and love,


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