It’s Not Really Hoarding If It’s Yarn, Right?


When I was little, I always wanted to have the biggest box of crayons available so I could make the prettiest (to my abilities) pictures. I often harbored fantasies of going to work for Disney as a colorist. I remember when the box of 64 colors came out, and then the box of 96 – there were so many brilliant colors to play with. I would find all the different colors that would come out in special packs – like the neons and glitter – to add to my collection. By the time I went to college (you are never too old to color), I had tins full of crayons that my niece and nephew got to reap the benefit of while I was away at school.

I guess with my history with color, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I am absolutely addicted to yarn. Addicted to the point that I’ve considered creating a support group – where we basically can compare the size of our stashes and find ways to buy new yarn. It actually has gotten so bad that I have to find ways to hide the fact that I get new yarn. My daughter has become quiet adept at helping me hide my stash.

But while I love to collect yarn just for the sake of it being yarn and pretty, I also am always searching for what can be my favorite brand of yarn. When it came to crayons, I cannot (to this day) color with anything other than Crayola: Nothing else feels right in my hand, and I don’t like how the crayon wears with others. I have been loyal to that brand for 30 years of my life, at least. That is what I am, I find something, and I love it, and I want to be with that brand for the rest of my life. I haven’t quite found the brand that I want to be monogamous with, yet.


While I may not have found “the one” brand for my needs, I will say summer sales have been making it easy for me to stock up on yarn to help me make that determination. It seems like every day, I am getting notification from different companies of summer sales they are having.

Lion Brand had a sale in early July that they were having a major sale. One of the things they were offering was a mystery box: For $20 you selected the weight of your yarn, and they would send you a mystery box filled with at least $65-$75 worth of yarn.img_2338

Above is what I got from my two mystery boxes. There are lots of pretty yarns (the Heartland and the Angora Merino are fabulous), but there is nothing that I would want to say I could see myself using for the rest of my crochet career exclusively. Although I love the yarn. From Lion Brand, my two favorite types have been Feels Like Butta and the Pound of Love.

The Feels Like Butta has been nice for many of my amigurumi projects because it has an almost cashmere or velvet like feel. The problems with it are: (1) it comes in a limited assortment of colors, for my taste (box of 64, 96, remember) and; (2) for larger amigurumi projects it seems to distort slightly when stuffed.

The Pound of Love is a good all-purpose yarn, but it doesn’t have that soft slip and slide feeling as I crochet with it, and I don’t think it is a fluffy to cuddle with in the finished Luvvie.

Another perennial favorite has been the Caron Simply Soft from Yarnspirations. It has a nice texture that can be super soft and squishy for my amigurumi and it comes in a wide assortment of colors. The biggest downside for it is, after using the Feels Like Butta, the texture of the Simply Soft isn’t as luxurious as I once thought it to be; and, it does seem to be slightly on the higher price spectrum. The positive is, Yarnspirations and other retailers run regular sales on the yarn that can make it more competitive.

I think I’ve gotten emails almost daily from Yarnspirations about their sales, but I have been trying to remain strong and resist. But, who am I kidding. I totally need to have all the yarn.


If buying yarn is an addiction, I think Craftsy has become by dealer. Also, anything that I can link PayPal to for payments that I don’t need to have my credit cards nearby is going to be dangerous.

So last week, Craftsy sent emails out about their maker Black Friday sale. I was determined I was not going to order anything because I had just ordered two sampler packs of new yarn from Knit Picks (I ordered their Mighty Stitch, and it is definitely in the running for favorite yarn of all time).

But, when I went onto Craftsy’s site, I was stunned at their prices. They had excellent sales on all of their yarns – even their top quality yarns that usually sell for $15 per hank. So, of course I had to order some of my favorites (especially the Sprightly, which is one that I have had a deep love for and was on sale for $1.98 per skein, instead of its usual $3.95). And don’t you know, both my Knit Picks and my Craftsy orders came on the same day. Curses!


And if that wasn’t bad enough, that night I got the brilliant idea that if Sprightly was still on sale for that amazing price, I was going to see if I could buy a skein in every color (remember the crayon stories), which they were still on sale and I did totally buy one in every color. If you look at it a certain way, I was going to buy the yarn any how – this way, I just saved about $63 on my order. I was being cost conscientious. Now, how I’m going to hide that box of yarn and all its contents from my hubby, I’m not quite sure, considering my totes for yarn storage already are full to bursting.

Once I get this next shipment of yarn, I am going to try to be good for a while. I am hoping that I will find the strength of will to avoid any more sales (although does keep putting its Paintbox yarns, another favorite, on sale to tempt me). Unless I need a specific yarn for a project, I am going to try to use what I have – but I have told myself that in the past, and then it’s like I black out and find myself with 20 more skeins of yarn.


Who knows? Maybe the idea of a yarn stash support group isn’t the worst thing in the world…….Hello, my name is Elisha and I am a yarn-a-holic (and I am not sure I want to be cured).

Hugs and cuddles,


One thought on “It’s Not Really Hoarding If It’s Yarn, Right?

  1. Let me know when you start that support group, I´m totally gonna join.
    I had to recently buy an entire new shelving unit at Ikea to extend my storage. For me it´s not just yarn but also books and magazines with patterns in it – I´m a bit old fashioned that way – and I also neede more space to put all my little boxes with essentials – ribbons and buttons and hair ties and feathers and beads and all that stuff that I might need for a future project – on it.


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