Luvvies or Loveys? – You Tell Me

There is an interesting fact that I was not aware of when I started Lil’ Luvvies and the name: The name lovey already was commonly in use, but had a more specific meaning.

I spent a month in England during my junior year of undergraduate education, and I picked up more than a few “British-isms” when I returned. One of which was the name (and spelling) of luvvie, a term of endearment or affection that you show to someone.

When my daughter was born in 2008, that endearment was transferred to her…and then to her stuffies – her stuffed animals. The funny thing is, even now that I have Lil’ Luvvies up and running, I still call Desi luvvie and it sometimes confuses her because she is not quite sure what I am referring to.

However, it wasn’t until about a month after I had decided on the name, started working on the Web site and was almost ready to launch everything that I realized there was another, similar term in use in the crochet community.

Turns out a lovey is the commonly referred to term for a mini-blanket with a plush head and arms: This also is what (my generation) probably would have referred to as a security blanket. It is a mixture of stuffed animal and blanket.

Herein lies the problem….I make both and I have no clue how to make a good distinction.

To me, all of these cuties above are Luvvies. I put my heart (and sometimes strands of my hair, by accident) into each and every one of them. But, with as much joy as I get out of making these adorable babies, I also love to make the security blankets.

And these security blankets are some of the items that I really am proudest of.

Herein lies the problem (for me, at least): What do I call these blankets? I don’t want to call them security blankets, but I think their uses far surpass the stigma of a traditional security blanket. I think these could definitely be emotional support objects for older children (and even adults, I know I still have plushies and small comfort items to help me when my anxiety is bad).

I know the name lovey is probably the most widely known, but I wonder if that is too redundant and confusing to call them a Luvvies Lovey?

I’ve experimented with calling them Comfy Blankies, Soothing Blankies, Blankie Luvvies, and other variants, but nothing seems quite right: Those names just don’t seem to fit their personalities. And I do worry straying too far from the commonly accepted name could mean people don’t find my work and don’t consider it an option. Or they think they are looking at a plushie/doll-type Luvvie and are disappointed to find the blanket version instead.

Basically, I’ve reached an impasse. I have experimented with and taken down so many different variants of the name that it really is crazy. So, I’m turning to all of you: What do you think a good name would be? Let me know, and if I pick your response you will win either a Pikachu or an elephant blanket luvvie of your choice of colors. (All answers need to be received by August 1, 2018, winner will be announced August 12th).

I’m excited to see what everyone has to say and thank you for helping me to make this important decision.

Hugs and cuddles,


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