What’s New in Luvvies? 7/3/18

At my day job, we are involved in a major project implementation, and part of my role in that is to design a weekly newsletter that gives everyone a snapshot of what has happened in the previous week. Since I’m not the world’s greatest blogger (which is so funny because I started my professional career as a journalist), I thought maybe I would be able to use the same technique to keep everyone up-to-date with what is new in the world of Luvvies, since there always seems to be something happening.

New Designs

I have been experimenting with a lot of different designs, and revisiting some old standbys, to mixed results. I aim for consistency, but it seems like I can never replicate a pattern the same way twice. In a way I guess that’s a good thing because it makes the item more unique with its own personality, and reflects that it isn’t a mass produced piece. At the same time, is it so annoying that I can’t make it perfect every time.

In addition to making Luvvies, I have been adding some novelty scarves and hats to my stash for the upcoming Steel City con. Desi was so excited by the pencil scarf that she wanted to make it into a smiley face.

When I first told one of my besties that I was making a pencil scarf, she didn’t think it literally would look like a pencil. I said that is the absolute beauty of it.

I also branched out a little to try to make a more iconic figure. His nose is a little more rounded than I wanted and his eyes aren’t perfect, but I thought he turned out to be a pretty good facsimile of our favorite animated mouse.

I think that he will be a good addition to my stock for the convention. I am going to try to replicate him again for a custom order, but try to crochet the eyes and buttons instead of having the felt.

Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Clean up

My husband has been rather accepting of the copious amount of yarn that are in our living room – which doubles as my work room – however it was getting to the point where you could barely walk in our living room without stepping on a ball of yarn.


It was a little chaotic and disorganized. So a trip to Target and two big storage containers later, it was at least slightly less hoarders-esque.


The sad thing is those two big containers still didn’t fit all the yarn that I had in the living room – and that’s not taking into consideration the shipment that I have coming in this week….it was a good sale, and I had a coupon, and I needed to make stock for the stores….nope, I just wanted more yarn to play with.

On the Horizon

In the upcoming week, I just plan to keep working on designs and making sure I’m in a good place for the stores and for the convention. Probably the end of July/beginning of August, both stores will be going on a slight vacation while I go to the convention and then recover. I’m sure there will be lots of interesting tales of how that turns out.

Until then, happy Independence Day to all my American friends – have a safe and happy July 4th!

Hugs and cuddles,


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