Hello Cap – WIP

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was working on a new project that was completely original, which was a first for me. I am so pleased to share this with you now that she is finished.

When Fandoms Collide

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a major nerd. One of my favorite fandoms is Hello Kitty; another favorite is the Marvel universe. After I completed my first full-size Hello Kitty Luvvie for an order I had a crazy idea: What if I adapted her and made her into a Captain America Hello Kitty.

I was nervous to embark on this. If it worked, this could be super cute and something to build off for the convention in August. If it failed, it was going to be all the more painful because it was my original idea.

Getting Started

Because I can never take anything seriously for too long, I couldn’t resist wearing one of her arms as a nose for myself.

I also tried to be faithful to document the pattern as I went so I could replicate her – and improve her – in the future.

Originally, I planned to have the body all navy blue, but then I thought the little strip of white would help break things up a little.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to embroider a star for Hello Cap, or if I wanted to crochet it. In the end, I thought the crochet star was bolder and looked a little bit better than a standard embroidery.

The shirt was another consideration. Should she have a skirt? The “real” Captain America doesn’t have a skirt, but this is a Hello Kitty Cap. I went back and forth between a body suit type look and the skirt. In the end, I thought the skirt was the most fitting – I liked the little flounce it gave.


The head is actually the part I am least happy with – weird considering I’ve made Hello Kitty before. However, that was part of the problem. I got cocky: I thought I knew what I was doing (and I was bone tired). I ended up doing the embroidery of the whiskers and the facial features before I applied the ears. By not attaching the ears first, I locked myself in to where I could put the ears, which ended up with them being more on the top of her head, instead of more to the side.


One red, white, and blue bow added and it completes her ensemble. I debated whether she needed a shield, but I thought that was slightly overkill. I was just happy with the way the outfit came together. I definitely learned a lot of lessons from making her, and I changed my pattern up so that I can make an even better Hello Cap the next time around.img_1138

She doesn’t look that big when she is standing by herself, but she is quite the big Luvvie (extra squeezes).img_1132

And of course, my model wanted to get in to have some face time with her favorite Kitty – although I think she ended up liking the original version of Hello Kitty better than the Captain America version – which is weird because Captain America is her favorite.img_1129

All in all, a good first effort. I have some other plans for Hello Kitty. I think she is going to be quite the cosplayer. However, for now, I am so happy to have been able to share this successful endeavor with you all. (And yes, she will be available for purchase in my store – she’s too cute not to share).

Hugs and cuddles,


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