Hello Luvvie – WIP

I’ve said from the beginning that I consider this a journey of crochet – I learn from so many other great artists that I love to share what I’ve learned with others and I try to make no illusions of sharing my successes as well as my failures – both from the business side of things and the art side of things. I’m also usually my own worst critic – I am a perfectionist, and because of that I usually am not satisfied with anything. However, I am so excited to share with you my Hello Kitty Luvvie.


She took me about three weeks to complete, but not all of that time was spent actively working. As I’ve mentioned before I have crochet ADD – so I start a project and then stop and have to do something else, and I’ll eventually come back to finish the project I was working on.

Hello Kitty was a custom commission from a friend and I wanted to make sure I did her justice.

I remember when I was young and Hello Kitty was first becoming popular (yep, I’m that old). I remember visiting family in Ohio and my one cousin only wanted Hello Kitty toys. To this point I had no clue what Hello Kitty was, but as soon as I saw her, I was in love.

I’ve remained a collector of Hello Kitty things since then, and have tried to get my daughter into the fold, too. When my mom was sick in the hospital during her last year, I bought her a stuffed Hello Kitty to keep in her hospital room, so she had company – my daughter now has that stuffed animal as a reminder of her grandmother.

Perhaps that’s why I took my time with this project. It has so much emotional weight that I wanted to make sure I got it right – well, that and because I am newer to the craft, I am a tad slow.


I didn’t realize when I got started with this that Hello Kitty was going to have quite such a big head. My thought was, I would make her a medium size, but the proportions dictated more and more space. It got to the point where I wasn’t sure if I was creating amigurumi or making a weird kind of hat.img_1048

But as I went through the process, I kept learning from my mistakes. I would frog (rip out) entire rows and swear I was never going to finish this, but then I didn’t want to disappoint my customer (even if that customer was one of my best friends), so I would get back to work to see what I could do. I would take a break and finish something else, or try a new pattern, and then would come back to Hello Kitty.

With the long Memorial Day weekend in front of me, I decided to get down to business and see if I could finish this prototype/custom Luvvie.


In keeping with my recent experiments, I mixed several different fibers in the creation. The head is made with Sprightly yarn from Craftsy (but because of how large the head was, I ran out and had to switch for the arms and legs). The arms and legs are made with Lion Brand’s Pound of Love. The bow, body, and skirt are made with Vanna’s Choice. The nose is made with Big Twist (from Joann’s). The eyes and whiskers are made with Caron Simply Soft – so there is a little bit of everything in this design.img_1054

I usually ask my daughter to help me display the finished Luvvies for posting on social media – and for the blog – and she was more than happy to give Hello Kitty a few squeezes.img_1058

I think it is safe to say that Hello Kitty was a hit in our house. My daughter absolutely loved her. She threatened to keep Hello Kitty and didn’t want to let her go. I felt kind of bad telling her she couldn’t keep the Luvvie, but this one definitely already had a forever home, and it wasn’t ours.img_1061

Closeup look at Hello Kitty. She’s not entirely perfect, but she is pretty darn perfect and I absolutely love how she turned out. I love her so much that I have added her as an option to purchase in the online store.img_1068

Bring that Hello Kitty back here…she has a home.img_1064

Wrangled the kid and the kitty for a family pic.img_1066

And, of course, I needed a picture with her – I love to get those final cuddles in.

For as many problems as I had getting motivated to start working on this project and to keep it up, now that it is completed, I have so many ideas for ways to modify the design to make her that much more geeky. I spent a lot of Memorial Day itself working on a new custom design that is partially finished. I can’t wait to show it to you. I think Hello Kitty is going to be geeky-cute to the max.

I hope you enjoy her.

Hugs and cuddles,


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