What did I miss?

The new year took no time in blowing through like a lion. Between getting everyone at home back to school and me getting back to my normal work schedule, things were bound to be nutty. Add to that almost a week off work with bronchitis and it has definitely been a whirlwind.

I knew I wasn’t feeling that great right after Christmas, especially when I didn’t have a desire to work on my Luvvies as much as I wanted. However, I never expected to have been down for almost a full week with an illness. I feel like I’ve been completely out of the loop on things.

With that said, I hope everyone has had a great start to their new year and that things are just going swimmingly. Aside from my inordinate amount of sleeping that I have been doing, I actually did get around to making a Luvvie or two.

I’ve always believed in being honest about my crochet journey. I try not to whitewash and make everything look like I get it perfect, or get it perfect the first time. I am still learning; still experimenting. In many instances I have more failures than successes. This was a case in point.

Because I am such a fan of the television show “Supernatural,” I had wanted to make a Luvvie of one of the characters. The only pattern I could really find was for Castiel, the main characters’ angel assistant. I started working on the pattern and almost from stitch one I was having problems. There were parts of the pattern that I didn’t feel were written clearly, or that didn’t seem to work; so, I was trying to make my own adjustments. I got so far and then realized it just wasn’t going to work. I miscalculated how to put the arms and the trenchcoat on and there was no way that I could salvage it, so he sadly had to go into the garbage bin.

Bye, bye Castiel.

I might try again at a later point in time, maybe adapting a different pattern to make him; but, for now, I’m walking away.

On a more successful scale, I worked on a custom peacock for one of my dearest friends. This little guy took me four days, and some YouTube consultations, but I was able to get him completed and I think looking rather fabulous. My Desi certainly liked him and was happy to give him snuggles.

Another new pattern I played with was creating a squirrel. I made a squirrel for a friend of mine back when I first was learning the basics of amigurumi and I was so unhappy how it turned out (even though she said she loved it).

Again, as a fan of “Supernatural,” there is a running joke that the two leads are called Moose and Squirrel. The moose pattern I have down and am more than happy with, but it is surprisingly difficult to find a squirrel pattern. When I saw this pattern on Etsy, I was super excited. He looked so cute. However, this is another instance of where I would like to be able to read some of the pattern before buying.

The pattern was written using terminology that I had never hear of before (e.g., half point crochet stitch). Even using Google or my crochet stitch reference guides didn’t help me decipher what was meant. In the end, I filled in the gaps where I could and did the best that I could to come up with a replica of the pattern. I am reasonably pleased with how this cutie turned out. I’m wondering if his reception will be as favorable as what I have received in the past from my moose?

Overall, I’m just trying to do a mix of new projects and old favorites. Keep up with orders when they trickle in and prepare for the conventions that I have scheduled for this year.

2018 was a good introduction to business for my Luvvies, so I’m hoping that 2019 will continue that path and provide me with more knowledge and more opportunity to grow.

As always, I am so happy to share this journey with your.

Hugs and cuddles,


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