Third Time Lucky?

There is a dream in my head that I am sitting at a convention working at my table for Lil’ Luvvies, and Brent Spiner (the actor who played Lt. Cmmdr Data on Star Trek the Next Generation) walks past, looks at my work, smiles brilliantly, and tells me to keep up the awesome work. That would be awesome…….

And then, I wake up and realize, it isn’t a dream – this actually happened at the December Steel City Con. There is no real context to this except that my husband was helping me man the table, I was working on something (maybe a Deadpool) and I looked up to see Brent Spiner walking down the aisle. I went to subtly nudge my husband so we could geek out together, and next thing I know, Brent is walking past my table, looking at my Luvvies, and telling me I’m doing a great job. It sounds like something I would write for a story.

Needless to say that was the absolute highlight of my time at the December 2018 Steel City Con.

This con was my third of 2018 (and second in as many months) and I was stressed beyond belief.

I was sleeping minimally and trying to get as much ready for stock as I could, plus fulfill orders. I just am slower than dirt when it comes to crocheting sometimes, since I am still relatively new, and I didn’t meet all the goals I wanted to.

As this was my third con, and my second in this venue, I was feeling more confident about things. In the end, I still took a big loss on the show, but I think I made some good contacts and I hope people will look me up like they said they would.

I tried to keep some of the principles I had learned from the other two shows in mind. I tried to make the table inviting and to have the prices clearly displayed. I also wanted to stay true to me: While I know this is a Comic Con and I did have comic related items, I wanted to have a variety of objects. So, there was an assortment of nerdy and more “mainstream.” I also tried to have as many vibrant colors and different colors as I could to help make the table even more inviting.

Friday started off slow…slower than my first time there, and I was a little dejected. I really thought the table looked attractive and that people would enjoy my items, especially with how close we were to Christmas.

However, as in the previous cons, I had a lot of people stop over to look and many exclaimed how lovely my work was, but that appreciation for my craft didn’t translate into sales, which my anxiety and depression addled mind read as a rejection of me personally.

Things picked up on Saturday, not a ton, but it was a nice steady stream. As in previous cons, my Pokemon, Deadpool, and Groots were massive hits.

Groot I had to remake twice during the convention because he sold out. Deadpool, I was just sewing the head to the body when someone came by and wanted to buy him. He waited around my area looking at other vendors for the full hour it took me to finish because he wanted Deadpool and he wasn’t going to lose out on him (even though I said I would hold it for him). I appreciated so much that he loved my work so much that he was willing to wait and didn’t want to risk losing to another customer.

I also tried using some on the spot marketing to try to help people notice some of the Luvvies they might not have before. It didn’t pan out, but I like to think that I’ve tried and now can modify this as needed the next time.

Even though these two cuties didn’t find their forever homes, even with the marketing, I had fun making their signs and playing with my toys to show to customers (some individuals wanted to make sure the Luvvies were sturdy).

I tried out a couple new designs at this con, too – something that I promised myself I wasn’t going to do. Most of the results were really favorable. The one negative was with my friend Cthulhu: I misunderstood the pattern and didn’t have the tentacles on correctly. After he was sold, two of the tentacles fell off and the new owner brought him back, where I performed emergency surgery to repair him.

So, all in all, I think it was an okay outing at the convention. Of course, I would have liked to have made back at least the cost of my table, but I try to keep in perspective that I am a new business; I am new as a vendor to conventions; and I am still learning what works and what doesn’t at shows – although that definitely seems to vary from show to show.

I’ll be very curious to see what happens at the shows I have scheduled in 2019, and be interested to see how these outings help to evolve and influence my projects, my work, and my choice of designs. I guess the best thing to say is what this space, and we will experience together what happens in 2019.

Hugs and cuddles,


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