How you can get your Luvvie fix

Starting in 2019 there will be one small change to how you can get your Luvvie fix.

As I’ve been starting out I’ve tried to manage orders in a variety of platforms – through this Web site, Etsy, email, text, verbal – maybe a combination of one or two of those methods. It has led to me taking on more than I have been able to handle comfortably at times. It also has led to me completely forgetting that I agreed to do something until reminded because a spreadsheet didn’t get updated.

To make things smoother for all parties, my request is that in 2019 all orders go through my Etsy store. If there is something that you would like custom that is not on the shop, I still can do a custom order – I have even added that link to my Etsy page. I will create a separate order just for you and provide a link for that custom order, but it still will go through Etsy and I can keep track of things more easily (and not lose sight of things, which makes me feel terrible).

I am hoping by doing this, too, it will provide a better line of communication – it also will help with some issues I’ve been having with purchasing postage through the post office, as Etsy allows me to purchase postage directly through them; and, for those who are local, it still will afford me the option to be able to deliver the products in person – so that isn’t going away.

I do apologize if this causes any inconvenience, and I appreciate everyone’s understanding and support. This first year has been a true learning experience and I can’t wait to see what the second year brings for my Lil’ Luvvies.

Hugs and cuddles,


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