There and Back Again…A RICC Tale

I always have the best of intentions, but they don’t always work out the way that I intend them to – I guess that’s why they are intentions. I meant to post a wrap up of my first Lil’ Luvvies trip to Rhode Island Comic Con when I got back, but a terrible migraine sidelined me for a few days.

There is so much to unpack from my weekend in the Ocean State…so many good memories and fun crammed into such a short weekend. However, I will try not to bore anyone to tears and will keep things as brief as possible.

The one negative to the whole excursion was I didn’t break even – not even close. I didn’t even end up making my table cost back. But, I met a lot of people – handed out my card to a lot of potential customers, so I am hoping that will lead to future business, so I am optimistic.


Things all kicked off Friday morning when I arrived at the Dunkin’ Donuts Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island and I got my credentials. I was so excited to have a lanyard and an actual pass that marked me as a vendor. I was expecting just a wrist band, so the actual pass (which is holographic) was a super awesome surprise.


Even though I have done Steel City Comic Con before, there was a thrill to looking up and seeing my business name above my station. It was just completely surreal to look up and to see that name – that a year ago didn’t even exist – sitting there waiting for me.

As with Steel City Con, I proved that my strength is in creating the stuffies and not designing an attractive table display. I tried my best to make sure everything was laid out and visible, but I never found the best configuration – everything just looked too crowded, especially the first day when the table was full.

I tried my best to make sure everyone could be seen.

Surprisingly, my little Pokemon, Marril, turned out to be one of the hits of the Convention. The first day I had at least five people ask about him, but no one adopted him. Then, Saturday, it was like everyone decided that was what they wanted. I sold him fairly early in the day Saturday and then started on a second one – if I had been able to make a third one, I think that would have gone, too. There was just something that really attracted people to him; and, I am so glad that two of these cuties were able to find awesome homes.

Because I still had some stock from August’s Steel City Con, it was a bittersweet moment when some of those carryovers found their forever homes.

I was so happy these adorable friends found new mommies and daddies, but in a way I am going to miss these little ones. They have been with me for so long, they almost felt like members of the family. When the little bunny sold, my friend who helps me out at cons said that she felt like a member of the family had gone away. It is too easy to get attached to these sweet little faces.

In addition to Marril, Baby Groot was a big hit. I made my first Groot Friday at the convention and he was sold before he was even off my hook. The second Groot took a little longer, but he still was sold before the end of the convention and went to a happy home.

Probably more surprisingly was what didn’t go at the convention.


I love my little voodoo dollies, and they are some of the most popular items in my Etsy shop; however, they were among the last items to be sold. I had bets these would have been the first. Most people called them little monsters instead of voodoo dolls – and I was fine with that. The one person I did explain them to seem scandalized that I would have something like a voodoo doll at my table – it’s not a real voodoo doll – there is nothing evil inside to hex anyone; they are just cute.

And of course baby Deadpool was a success. He was another one who sold relatively quickly.

The good thing with the convention was that I did get my name out there. However, I depleted my stock and do not have a ton available for Steel City Con and I worry that I won’t have enough time to truly replenish before the next convention arrives. I also have to get better with my pricing. So many times I would have a price in mind for something and I would be asked what it is and I would ask $5-$10 less than I intended because I was afraid of overpricing. Then, I started to have severe feelings of inadequacy – there was another amigurumi vendor almost directly above me and to my eye, her products looked so much nicer (she also charged triple my costs, but her work was exquisite). My friends all told me that my stuff was just as nice as hers. but I don’t think that was the case.

I am very glad that I decided to go and take this leap. It was a learning experience to be sure, but I am profoundly grateful for the lessons I learned and look forward to being able to apply them to future business practices.

For now, I am enjoying being home and resting up before embarking on the next convention (Steel City Con). At least the next one is close to home, so there is no long term travel involved.

Hugs and cuddles,


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