What’s New in Luvvies – 9/4/18

Happy after Labor Day to all my American friends – and happy unofficial beginning of fall. I’ve already curled up with my first (two) pumpkin spice lattes of the season, and am waiting for the heatwave to break so that I can settle in to my absolute favorite time of the year.

As we enter the fall, we enter a busy time for Lil’ Luvvies. In November, I will be heading to Rhode Island for Rhode Island Comic Con, followed very closely by a return to Steel City Con. Added to that, I’m not sure what the holiday seasons will provide in terms of gift buying from my site(s).

In honor of Labor Day, I ran a sale on my Etsy shop for 10% off almost everything in the store. I didn’t get a crazy amount of orders, but I got enough that it will definitely keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.

In addition to that, I have been busily crocheting away making new Luvvies – as orders and as stock for cons.


One of my favorite newer Lil’ Luvvies is based on a pattern from Blue Rabbit Toys I absolute love how scary and cute this little voodoo dollie looks. I added the pins to take some pictures of her, but they are not included in the finished product. This little girl worked up quickly and was so much fun to make.


I’ve also been working on making some Winnie the Pooh characters. This was my attempt at a chibi Piglet. For a first attempt, I don’t think he turned out too badly.

Over Labor Day weekend here in the states, my husband and I took our daughter on a mini vacation. I ended up using the time to crochet – although I didn’t make as much as I thought I would. But during that time, I started working on a full-sized Winnie the Pooh.

The pattern said when he is completed Pooh will be 18 inches tall – I think he might be a bit bigger than that.


I tried to crochet some in the car on our way to vacation, but there was too much construction and the roads were a little too uneven for me to get a good rhythm. Plus with my migraines trying to read a pattern in the car was a challenge. (Desi’s Eeoyre is not one that I made, he was actually mine from right after I got married).


Once we reached our destination, I took over the “living” area of the room and created a makeshift work station. My husband took our daughter to the water park and I stayed to create.

Funny thing (especially considering I just wrote a blog about finding good patterns and everything you should do), this is the most complex and convoluted pattern I have ever read in my life. For the nose/muzzle area, I had to restart five times before I created something that was passable. There were a couple other areas that I had to rip out and restart, as well, and there were some areas that I said heck with it, and just left it not quite perfect (hoping that I can clean it up at the end)


As I mentioned before, I’m not quite halfway with Pooh and I think he is going to be a bit bigger than I originally planned. I sent the above picture to my father last night (because he has to see all the pictures that I post to the blog and to social media), and – ever the jokster – he said to me, “Where’s Pooh’s head?” What you don’t see a fully completed Winnie-the-Pooh (lol)?

Although Pooh is for a custom commission, he is not at the top of my priority….he’s really not, it’s just I got started on him and now I want to see what he is going to look like once everything is finished.

All this fun has been in addition to me finding ways to creatively crochet through injury.


I’ve recently learned that crochet is a contact sport and it hurts like anything to hold yarn with a pulled tendon in your hand.

I’ve tried wrist braces and the ever attractive compression glove (as pictured above), but none of these options seem to provide a good solution to prevent further injury. Soaking in Epsom salts and taking ibuprofen have helped with the swelling and the pain, but I still am looking for that viable solution to prevent further damage. I guess, as with anything, practice makes perfect.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Sending all my love and best until we chat again.

Hugs and cuddles,


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