What’s New in Luvvies – 8/20/18


I’m b-a-a-a-a-aa-c-k! I actually didn’t think I would take as long of a break after Steel City Con as what I did, but it turns out I got hit with some massive depression and anxiety after the convention was over and really had to sit down and decide whether I wanted to proceed with Lil’ Luvvies as a business, or if I was going to shut everything down and just create pieces for friends and family. After some serious soul searching and many long talks with friends and family, I decided that I have too much passion for what I do for me not to pursue it, so here I am and I am very happy to be back with y’all.

In honor of my return and my redoubled commitment to the business, I have added a few new items to the “Shop Luvvies” section of the Web site.

I also have been working hard on some new products to be able to share with you, and am trying to figure out what to do with the holidays coming around the corner before I know it.

Since last we’ve been together I have been working on a lot of new pieces and have been trying to perfect some of the pieces that I have done before. I tried to do a Pac-Man ghost, a cute little dragon, a birthday bear, some new designs with my jellyfish, as well as practice some bold experiments with color. Not everything has turned out the way that I wanted it to, but I am trying to keep that in perspective and learn to be happy with what I have and to learn from my mistakes. I do have several orders that I am working on, and once those are done, I’m looking forward to showcasing some new patterns that I have found.


Yes, I dearly love Christmas, it is my favorite season/holiday of the year. Usually, however, I don’t start to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This year, with it being Lil’ Luvvies first holiday season, I’m starting to plan a little earlier. If you want to have your own Lil’ Luvvie for Christmas, I am going to begin taking orders October 1st. Because I am still a little slower than most people, the last day I will take orders for Christmas is November 30th. That should give me enough time to work on designs and ensure that everything should be on its way and delivered in advance of Christmas. If there is a specific Christmas themed item that you want (e.g., ornaments, Santa, gingerbread people, elf, etc.,) please use the custom form to contact me. On average, for US orders, an ornament size Luvvie will be $7; a snuggler Luvvie will be $27; a medium sized Luvvie (e.g., unicorns) will be $17, and the larger Luvvies will be $22. US orders include shipping and handling; any overseas shipments, please contact me for estimated shipping cost.

What’s coming up?

I have a few orders that I picked up from Steel City Con that I need to finish, but once I complete these I have a couple of ideas for some new Luvvies I am working on, including a Deadpool snuggler, some Winnie-the-Pooh themed snugglers, scarves, and Luvvies, and maybe a new friend or two.

I will be away to a convention (as a guest, not a vendor) at the end of September, and then I have RICC coming up the beginning of November. Lots of busy times ahead. I’m glad y’all are along with me for the ride.

Hugs and cuddles,


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