Love is all you need

I have always tended toward the obsessive characteristics (I will wait while you contain your shock, lol). But even as a kid, I had favorite fandoms and characters I embraced whole-heartedly. One of those early loves/obsessions were the Care Bears. I mean, how could I not…they are freaking adorbs.


The funny thing is that not only was I obsessed with the Care Bears, my favorite grandmother was, too. She adored Grumpy Bear. One year for Christmas, we bought her a Grumpy Bear, and it happily had a place of honor on her nightstand until she passed (I inherited him and now he watches over me).

So, I’ve been wanting to make my own take on the Care Bears, but I wasn’t quite ready to jump fully into the Care-A-Lot River and make a bear (that’s coming…I know it is), but I wanted to do something. My bestie and I went to a convention this weekend and we were exploring some of the booths there and saw a person selling hats with the My Little Pony cutie marks. They were cute, but they were just the cutie marks on a plain hat. Immediately my brain starts going into hyperdrive – I can work with that.

I had an awesome hat pattern that was fun to work up that I knew I would be able to use multiple shades…I knew I wanted at least two shades per hat. And while I thought about doing my own take on the My Little Pony cutie marks, I saw this as a chance to reflect my true love of the Care Bears: I could totally use their tummy symbols and their colorings to make my own cute hats.


I decided to use Tenderheart Bear as my prototype. Tenderheart always was the leader of the Care Bears, and while not my favorite, I thought the combination of the basic color patterns and the simple heart tummy design that he would be a good start.


When I first finished the hat, I was pleased. No, it wasn’t perfect – the heart was a little lopsided in places, but the hat was a solid construction and the color blocking worked beautifully. Overall, I was very happy. I had considered adding an extra touch or two, but I didn’t want to over complicate the hat.

I posted the above picture to Facebook and the Lil’ Luvvies Instagram account, and one of my friends told me, it’s cute, but it’s missing something…it needs ears. Hearing someone else say that, I felt better because I didn’t want to be over the top, but I wanted it to be clear this was a Care Bear inspired hat.


A little bit of trial and error and a little bit later – voila! We have ears. I have to say the ears really do make the hat. It was a cute hat before, but the ears gave it the little extra pizzazz.

Since this experiment worked, I feel good that I should be able to whip up some more of these (Cheer Bear, Funshine, Friend, Share Bear, and yes…Grumpy) to have with me at Con in August. Maybe I’ll end up with some stock to sell after all.

Hugs and cuddles,


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