Follow the bouncing project(s)

I’m usually a fairly organized person, an A to Z thinker who likes to make sure one thing is completed before moving onto the next. That really has not been the case lately – for anything.

Image result for tigger songI have three blog posts I’ve started that I want to share with you, but I keep getting distracted by other things, which is really increasing my anxiety. May is a bad month for me: My mother passed away two years ago (May 7), which happened to be Mother’s Day that year – so, both dates are difficult for me. I try to put on a happy face for Mother’s Day to spend the day with my daughter, but it definitely puts me in a more scattered mind set. Add to that the fact that Steel City Con is in 82 days and I really only have two items completed that I can sell at the show, and I’m having so many fears that I won’t have anything – or worse I’ll have items and no one will buy anything because they don’t like my Luvvies. So yeah, my thoughts and projects are a lot more scattered right now than usual.

So, what am I working on? I’m doing a lot of pattern testing to see what I like to have at the con. I don’t really have anything completed, yet, but I do have some progress on multiple amigurumi that I happy with.


I have been having too much fun making these little gems. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a sailor’s mouth, so these little bombs are so appropriate. I’ve been playing with different hook gauges and colors to have an assortment of these to sell at the con. It is so much fun to work on these because I can actually get these done in a short period.

I am experimenting with Poly-Fil beads to see if I can make these into bean bags – so far those experiments haven’t been successful because the beads come through the stitches – no matter how small my gauge has been.


I have lost track of when I started working on this little pony. I think I started Applejack more than a month ago, and got so depressed with the way her eyes were turning out that I completely stopped production – even though she was 80 percent finished. After some false starts, I was able to get her finished and she is ready to go to her forever home.

Belle and Cap

With playing more on Instagram (don’t forget to follow me @lilluvvies), I do forget what I’ve shared with you and what I haven’t – but, these were two projects that I did in their entirety.

The Captain America lovey blankie I actually was quite happy with. There are a few tweaks I would make on him, but overall I am really pleased with how he turned out. I had to play with some new yarn I got from Craftsy anyhow so it was a perfect match.

Belle and I had a lot of issues…I even tried sending her to the work house (but she couldn’t figure out how to work the copier).

Belle’s hair gave me so much grief because I couldn’t get it styled the way I wanted, so Belle has wilder hair than I was intending. My customer ended up loving her – and actually kept Belle for herself instead of giving her to her daughter as originally intended (lol).

Ami-Along Giraffe –  WIP

While I’ve been trying to build stock for Steel City Con, I wanted to take part in’s monthly Ami-Along because the giraffe pattern was just too sweet. I was making good progress with some Caron Simply Soft Yarn that I just received, but then I found another pattern that I wanted to try that used a slightly larger hook, which I thought would be a good break for my hands; so, my little girl giraffe isn’t much further along than this. Although she does have a wicked cool little skirt that I got done for her. There really isn’t much more that needs to be done for her, so I probably should get back on that.

Gingerbread Girl – WIP

As the convention is in August, and people might be thinking about Christmas gifts, I saw this pattern for a sweet little gingerbread girl (paid pattern from One & Two Company on Etsy), and decided to make her; however this became a more involved project that I expected – even though I am loving the larger hook size. I’m hoping to get her done within the next few days. I think she will be super cute when she is done. At least I hope.

Other Bits and Bobs

In addition to the projects listed above, I’ve also started working on a super-sized Hello Kitty amigurumi for another customer – she is super tall. Plus, I’m working on three of my signature Moose to get done for a different convention – I think I’m going to hate the word moose after I’m all done (lol).

I also have a baby Yoda that I’ve been working on and a baby zebra. So, like I said, there’s a lot that is going on with my hook, but not a lot that is actually getting done. I have the day off Friday from my primary job, so I’m hoping that during the time my husband is at work and my daughter is at school, I’ll be able to focus on crocheting and will be able to get a few items completed. I think once I get back to seeing some progress I’ll feel better and can re-center my thoughts. Either that or I’ll be even more of a basket case and nothing will get done. I guess we’ll see which way will win. Fingers crossed I will be able to report back that I have a whole tote full of goodies for sell.

Hugs and cuddles,



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