The (Craft) Show Must Go On!

When I was growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania, one of the things my parents looked forward to was attending flea markets. There was an outdoor flea market about 35 minutes away from us in Perryopolis, PA that my parents would make sure they got up early for so that we could see what goodies we could get. This type of flea market was part yard sale (people selling items that were still good, but they didn’t want any longer) and part craft and food show (vendors selling new items they had made – from fabric or food). I always was more partial to the craft and food vendors, although my Danielle Steel library grew very quickly thanks to some $0.50 book finds.

In 2013 when I had my essential oil store on Etsy, for all the goofy things I did to get that shop noticed and orders placed, I never went out in public. I’m an introvert through and through and I do have social anxiety – so sitting behind a keyboard and being able to talk is infinitely easier than having to be face-to-face with someone. However, this time around, I am realizing that pictures alone may not be the best way to show off my products.


To try to get Lil’ Luvvies off and running, we are hitting the road. Our local Athletic Association is having a craft show on July 21, and I am planning to be there.

There’s just one small problem….

I don’t have anything made. With the small number of orders I’ve received, some Luvvies I’m making for friends, and patterns that I’m testing (but haven’t quite made it to prime time, yet), I have no back stock of items to sell. The first week of June, I have a Supernatural convention (so that’s at least five days of no crochet), plus I work 40 plus hours a week, and have a family…so, am I stressing a little bit? Absolutely.

I’m trying to strategize: Determine what I make the best and quickest, so that I can go to town with that. It’s a one day show, so that’s good. I’m trying to decide if I want to have a photo album, or something similar that can show the different luvvies off to their best advantage. However, with approximately 75 days until the show, I am not sure what the best course of attack is. I’ve also never done a craft show before: Do I need to have something that can take credit cards? I don’t want to invest a fortune in decorations, but I want to have a nice display that is inviting to guests. I really think I am going to give myself a nervous breakdown over this. I am an accountant/journalist, I don’t have any marketing prowess. I am terrible at “selling” myself – no matter the situation. You should see me at job interviews or during my annual review. It’s pathetic.

I need a plan, stat!

I think I am going to have to find a way to multitask, which I find easy in my professional life and darn near impossible for luvvies. I think I am going to have to create some kind of schedule that I spend three days just crocheting like a mad woman and getting as many body part as possible together (and find a way to keep them together), and then spend a day or two assembling everything. My current style has just been to work on one luvvie from start to finish to get them done, and then start the next project, I don’t know if that will work so well for what I need to do.

The other question I have is, how much stock will I need for the show? I am new to the whole scene – no one there probably will know me, or my creations. Do I offer at least one of a large variety of luvvies (and loveys), or do I only bring five or six designs – with photos of others, but bring a lot of those? I find myself struggling with that question more than anything. And then asking myself whose bright idea was it for me to do this?

I’m sure once I have a plan laid out and know somewhat of how I want things organized that I will feel better – or at least be able to start stressing over other things – like how to display the luvvies to their best impact.

Fingers crossed. Here’s hoping I don’t induce a nervous breakdown before the show (lol).

If any of you have done craft shows and have tips and tricks to help me maintain my cool, I’d love to hear them.

Cuddles and hugs,


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