Howl The Wereoctopus


Howl The Wereoctopus is mysterious. Is Howl a wolf who got bit by a cursed octopus or an octopus that got bit by a cursed wolf? No one really knows. But he sure loves to snuggle, full moon or not. Please choose from our ready to ship Luvvies, or contact us to create a custom order.

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Crocheted Plushies (Crocheted Dolls) Stitched with Yarn and Love. Lil Luvvies Amigurumi. Safe Innovative Sensory Experiences for Kids and Adults. A soft and lovable friend that gets passed down through generations and picked up as family. You can choose an existing Amigurumi Lil Luvvies design or request a custom order. Either way, your Luvvie will be one of a kind and made with you in mind. We love Howl The Wereoctopus!


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Lil Luvvies PlushiesHowl The Wereoctopus
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