Bea The Bee


Bea The Bee is one chunky honeybee. You need two good hands to wrap around her and give a good squeeze, but when you do, you’ll find she’s so sweet. Though she has lots of love to share, don’t expect her to give up honey for your tea, because her secret jar of honey is kept in a magical place. Please choose from our ready to ship Luvvies, or contact us to create a custom order.

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Crocheted Plushies (Crocheted Dolls) Stitched with Yarn and Love. Lil Luvvies Amigurumi. Safe Innovative Sensory Experiences for Kids and Adults. A soft and lovable friend that gets passed down through generations and picked up as family. You can choose an existing Amigurumi Lil Luvvies design or request a custom order. Either way, your Luvvie will be one of a kind and made with you in mind. We Love Bea The Bee!


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