Cuddle Corner

Various pics of the Luvvies in stages of creation and completion. Feel free to share your favorite stuffie pics.

Hulk soother Luvvie (pattern purchased from Stitched Up By Emma)

The Incredible Hulk (pattern purchased from Vania Marvely)

Gromit (from “Wallace and Gromit – free pattern from Ami Amour)

Shaun the Sheep (Pattern Purchased from Abigail Gonzalez/Chanteuse Crochet)

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Ursula Unicorn (pattern purchased from Yarn Society)

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RARITY – MY LITTLE PONY – (Pattern Purchased from LHCpatterns/Kristine Kuluka)

Ellie Elephant (pattern purchased from Yarn Society)

Kallie Kitty (pattern purchased from Yarn Society)

Miller Koala (pattern from Stacey Trock)

Jack Puppy (pattern purchased from Hello Yellow Yarn)

Jared Moose (pattern purchased from Stacey Trock)