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All of my kids are made with love, they make great companions for kids and adults alike, and some are even collectable. As an artist, something I find interesting is color psychology, so I will share a bit on this topic. No matter the color of you Lil Luvvies, you can be sure to have a great friend to pass down through generations. Let’s touch on color psychology now.

Art Supplies

There are numerous art suppliers in the USA that offer a wide range of art materials and supplies. Here are some of the top art suppliers that are popular among artists:

  1. Blick Art Materials (Dick Blick): Blick is one of the largest and most well-known art suppliers in the United States. They offer a vast selection of art supplies, including paints, brushes, canvas, drawing materials, and more. Blick has both physical stores and an online presence.

  2. Jerry’s Artarama: Jerry’s Artarama is another prominent art supply retailer with multiple physical store locations across the United States. They provide a comprehensive range of art materials, such as paints, brushes, canvas, easels, and printmaking supplies.

  3. Utrecht Art Supplies: Utrecht Art Supplies is known for its high-quality art materials. They offer a variety of products, including paints, brushes, drawing supplies, printmaking materials, and specialty art supplies. Utrecht has physical stores and an online platform.

  4. Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff: Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff is a popular art supplier that caters to both professional artists and beginners. They offer discounted prices on a wide range of art materials, including paints, brushes, canvas, paper, and other accessories. Cheap Joe’s has a physical store and an online presence.

  5. Artist & Craftsman Supply: Artist & Craftsman Supply is a national chain of art supply stores that carries a broad selection of art materials. They have a range of products, including paints, brushes, paper, sculpture supplies, and printmaking materials.

  6. Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing: Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing has been serving artists since 1960. They offer a comprehensive selection of art supplies, including paints, brushes, canvases, framing materials, and printmaking supplies. Plaza has physical store locations in several states and an online store.

  7. ASW Express: ASW Express is an art supplier that focuses on offering discounted art materials. They carry a wide range of products, including paints, brushes, canvas, easels, and studio equipment. ASW Express operates primarily through its online store.

These are just a few of the top art suppliers in the USA, and there are many other reputable suppliers available. It’s always a good idea to compare prices, read reviews, and consider your specific art needs when choosing an art supplier.

For kids and adults.

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Lil Luvvies

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All of our Luvvies are made with acrylic and/or polyester yarn providing safe and innovative sensory experiences for children and adults alike. A soft and lovable friend that gets passed down through generations and picked up as family. You can choose an existing LiL Luvvies design or request a custom order. Either way, your Luvvie will be one of a kind and made with you in mind.

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