Remember that…

Dreams come true.

Everyone has a passion, a dream.

I Love to Help People Feel Inspired by Bringing My Dreams to Life.

Lil Luvvies

Discover Your Passion and Dream Big!

What is a dream, anyway? Perhaps my dream is my spirit telling me to reach the hearts of others by being exactly who I am. I am an artist, and I will contribute by introducing my creations to many. I’ve seen the heart of a child glow as a Lil Luvvies creation is received by open arms. The intention in every Lil Luvvies  “kid” as I call them my kids, the colors, textures, and most of all, knowing that the creator of these family friends is passing along a tressure with a heart of gold. The value in every Kid is the energy received and passed along by the artist. Every “kid” says one thing. “I will love you as you too dream big, and watch your dreams come true. “

For kids and adults.

These Are My Kids

Lil Luvvies Plushies
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If you don’t see a Lil Luvvies to take home today, contact me for a custom order and I will bring one to life for you.

Lil Luvvies

100% Quality Guarantee

All of our Luvvies are made with acrylic and/or polyester yarn providing safe and innovative sensory experiences for children and adults alike. A soft and lovable friend that gets passed down through generations and picked up as family. You can choose an existing LiL Luvvies design or request a custom order. Either way, your Luvvie will be one of a kind and made with you in mind.

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